Friends of St. Patrick Queen and Court

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Friends of St. Patrick Queen and Court

Queen and the Royal Court named for the 67



Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade

The “Friends of St. Patrick”, Inc. are proud to announce the Royal Court for the 67th annual Miller Place-Rocky Point St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  The Queen is Jessica Wooley, of Rocky Point, and the Ladies in Waiting are her sister, Michelle Wooley, of Rocky Point, and Annamaria Jacobson, of Mt. Sinai.   Queen Jessica is among Royalty, in that her sister Samantha was the Queen last year, and her sister Michelle is a Lady in Waiting this year.  Jessica is a student at Stony Brook University, seeking a Bachelor’s in Science, Business Management Degree, while minoring in Marketing.  She has already received her Associate’s Degree from Suffolk Community College, having majored in Business Administration, with a 3.8 GPA. She has helped with the Rocky Point Fire Department “megabucks” fundraiser, and has been a staff member for the North Shore Public Ownership Association, for the past five summers.  She is very proud of her Irish heritage, not just, because she likes corned beef and cabbage, but, especially, because of the reputation the Irish immigrants brought with them, as being very hard workers.   Lady Michelle Wooley is of the same Royal blood as our present and immediate past Queens, Jessica and Samantha Wooley.  Michelle is a student at Suffolk Community College, studying in the Veterinary Technician program.  She is employed at the East End Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center, as a Veterinary Assistant.  Being the true animal lover, that she is, Michelle also will pet-sit locally so that pets can stay in their own home, when their owners go away, as opposed to being boarded.   Michelle is very active in local volunteering, and she intends on joining the Rocky Point Fire Department, to become an EMT, once she finishes in her current program. Michelle gets her Irish heritage from her father’s side of the family, and she is proud of the generous, hardworking people, to whom she is related.   Annamaria Jacobson is a high school student at Mt. Sinai High School, and, after graduation,  hopes to go to college , to study musical theater. Annamaria has stated, that she will work hard in musical theater, in her last year of high school and all throughout college, and she will be on Broadway one day. As you may have guessed, Annamaria’s hobbies include singing and dancing. She also likes making pottery and enjoys drawing. She volunteers at her local church on the First Holy Communion Committee and at Vacation Bible School. At her high school, Annamaria formed a Women’s Choir, who spent time Christmas caroling, around the high school and local nursing homes.   See 2016 Queen and Court

(L to R): Lady Michelle Woley, Queen Jessica Woley, and Lady Annamaria Jacobson.

Queen and Court 2017

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